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Avocado Egg Salad Lettuce Cups

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Contrary to what I’ve heard, egg salad is NOT just an old people sandwich for blue haired Granny’s (love you Granny!). Avocado’s are at peak freshness and taste during the Summer and I can’t find enough ways to use them. Subbing avocado’s for mayo kicks the flavor up several notches and adds healthy fats for gorgeous skin and a sexy body. While subbing lettuce for bread kicks the carbs to the curb! This basic recipe is one my Mom would make all the time to keep us crazy kids satisfied, with a few additions of mine of course.

Kid Friendly Baking Ideas

Plan a baking day with your little ones using Food Networks’s top 5 kid-friendly recipes!


(click the pic for recipes!)

Lunches Your Waistline & Wallet Will Love

Prepare these healthy lunch recipes that won’t sabotage your diet — or your wallet!

Won Ton Tacos

(click the pic for recipes)

Perfectly Roasted Chicken

Roasting a whole chicken is one of the most impressive yet simple things you can make in the kitchen. My market has them on sale at least once a month, SALE being one of my favorite words, and I buy a few at a time and freeze the ones I don’t cook right away. If freezing, be sure to defrost in the  fridge for about 48 – 72 hours. With a few easy steps and basic ingredients you can make the best chicken you’ve ever tasted.


Spiced Chicken Burgers

When boneless skinless chicken breasts are on sale at the market, GET OUT OF MY WAY because I’m running there and stocking up. One of my favorite uses for bs chicken breast is this quick and tasty Spiced Chicken Burger recipe that can be made from mild to flamin’ spicy. They can be cooked right away in just a few minutes, or stored in your freezer for a later date.

Enjoy my healthful twist on the classic burger patty!

Crust-less Spinach and Goat Cheese “Quiche”

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Savory homemade quiches were a staple item in my grandparents house that I scarfed down at every opportunity. When I realized the amount of fat in a quiche’s buttery crust could make a beauty pageant contestant cry, I stopped eating them as often. Thankfully this recipe is just one of the many great ways to enjoy a quiche without the calorie heavy crust.

Happy Quiche-ing!

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8 Workout Tips You NEED To Know

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  1. Hanging onto the cardio machine while working out strains your body and diminishes your workout. Try to balance on the machine, building your core muscles, or hold the handles very lightly if needed.
  2. Bad form during strength training can lead to injuries and diminished results. Start with a low weight until you’ve mastered the right form.
  3. Don’t workout on an empty stomach. Eat a light balanced snack/meal an hour before. Your body needs the nutrition as fuel.
  4. Sit-ups aren’t the only key to sexy abs. Switch up your routine and do planks, leg raises and varied sit-ups with your legs in different positions. And remember, a lean diet is responsible for 70% or more for having lean abs. Read the rest of this entry

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