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Spicy Caramel Bacon Popcorn

A new study out in TIME claims that popcorn, a quick and easy snack favorite of mine, is packed with cancer fighting antioxidants and fiber, hooray! So naturally I wanted to share one of my favorite guilty pleasure recipes that Adrianna does so well. This treat is NOT for everyday consumption, but is a great treat from time to time. Popping it in a healthy oil, such as grape seed or peanut, on the stove is still the healthiest and most simple way to chow down. I try to avoid microwave popcorn at all costs…


Get to poppin’!

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  1. Bradly Schlensker

    Hiya: many thanks for taking the time of writing up this advice. I always aim to additionally my understanding of facts. Whether or not I concur or disagree, I really like information and facts. I don’t forget the previous days when the only source of information and facts was the library or even the newspaper. They both feel so old fashion. : )

  2. Grabbing this recipe. Bacon makes everything better! In moderation, sadly!


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